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Reward System


Good evening all,

I am just taking this time to inform you of changes which are occurring in KS2 with regards to the reward systems in class. The ‘Smiley’ chart has now been discontinued and is being replaced by a merit system.

From Monday the children will all be provided with a Bronze bookmark. It is their job to fill this bookmark with ten bronze stickers through listening to instructions, being polite and well-mannered and displaying excellent work in all areas of the curriculum. Furthermore, should your child move up a level in their times table challenge or improve their weekly spelling score they will be rewarded with 2 stickers also.

When their bookmark is full it will be exchanged for a bronze star, which the children must look after, and a new bookmark. The process will then repeat itself until they have filled 5 bronze bookmarks, at which point they will be rewarded with their bronze certificate and badge. Once everyone in the class has earned their bronze status, we will have our bronze party as usual. The process will then repeat itself through the silver and gold stages.

Should you have any questions concerning this new system, please do not hesitate to come into school for a chat.

Good luck Year 4 in collecting those stars and stickers.

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Award Winners


A huge congratulations to this week’s award winners.

Keigan – Star of the Week

Deacon – Maths Award Winner

Tiana – Writer of the Week

Rule of Law Champion – Matthew

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The Magical World of Glass


Today we enjoyed a fantastic experience taking part in a range of different activities at The World of Glass. The day involved a look into: Glass Properties, Roman Glass Inventions, Glass Painting and A Glass Blowing Demonstration!

Thank you to all the staff for making the day so engaging!


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Welcome to Year 4


Hello and welcome to our new Year 4 blog space where we will be updating you all with the latest goings on in our class. The blog will be updated with information on award winners, class trips, visitors and any special work completed throughout the year.

As such it is time to introduce our first award winners of the year. A huge congratulations to Charlie Ftz. for achieving Star of the Week. Well done also to Daniel as our Maths winner and James for achieving Writer of the Week. Finally Arran took home the inaugural Rule of Law Medal for following instructions and class rules diligently since returning after the summer break. Check back soon for more updates.


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